Becoming the sought-after expert

Do you win more of the very best clients?

The trouble is, everyone is chasing those same great clients and there simply aren’t enough to go around.  Not only that, those great clients are looking for the best accounting professional.

So if you want to win the very best clients you have to demonstrate you are the expert in your field (that could be tax planning, business advice, cloud accounting and related technology, measurement systems).

In this video training programme I will share with you the best ways to be seen as the ‘sought-after’ expert; the accounting professional all the great clients want to work with.


And the training I know you’ve been waiting for…

When you write a book your life will change forever.  You will be seen as being the expert and see new doors open for you.  None of your competitors have a book… so you will stand out.

And the great news is… it’s not difficult when you have a system.  I will teach you the step-by-step process for creating your book in under 7-hours.  It’s the system I use to write my books.

Here are some of the other things you will learn:

  • The best 7 ways to become the sought-after expert,
  • How to find your market and discover your expertise,
  • How to get your book edited, designed and printed,
  • How to use your book to win clients,
  • The easy blog creation system,
  • Getting started with webinars and using them to win new business,
  • Getting started with video,
  • The power of stories and how to use them to grow your firm,
  • The event lead getting system – turn events into winning leads and new clients, and
  • An introduction to list building.

 When you implement these ideas you will have businesses owners queuing up to work with you.