How much do your competitors charge

Let me start by being really controversial; “accountants know nothing about pricing.”

Okay, some do.  But I can say that for two reasons.

Number 1, I’m an accountant and when I started my accounting firm in 1996 I knew absolutely nothing about pricing.  I got it hopelessly wrong.

Number 2, this Research Report proves it.

Getting the price wrong is the single biggest reason accounting firms are not earning the profits they truly deserve.  Research carried out by AVN shows that over half of UK accounting firms are actually making a true economic loss.

That has to change.

The 3 big trends in pricing that are transforming UK practices

The accountancy profession is changing… FAST.  Cloud accounting is completely changing the way we work.  Some firms will be left behind.  Whilst the most forward-thinking accountants will reap BIG REWARDS from change.

Which one will you be?

Here are 3 of the big trends in pricing that are transforming UK practices:

Trend 1 – It’s getting harder to get a price that gives us a fair profit

Trend 2 – There is a big shift in the way firms are pricing

Trend 3 – The gap between the successful firms and the also-rans is getting bigger

In this Research Report I will explore these 3 big trends and share with you some of my thoughts for how you take advantage of these trends.

I’m very excited about the opportunities facing accountants.  Unfortunately many firms will not make the change and continue to do the things they’ve always done.  And that’s a sad indictment of this great profession.